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More Depressing Stories

By April 23, 2020Commentary

I warned earlier this week that we are working hard on wrecking the world’s best health care system, expensive but very good at outcomes.  In my home state, the Mayo Clinic, known to everyone, is having to furlough or cut the hours of 30,000 workers because our brilliant political leaders, from the President, the Governor and everyone on down, have so over-estimated demand from coronavirus cases and so frightened people, that revenue is shrinking drastically for our health care providers.  (Mayo Story)   And this has a very negative effect on patients.  Weakening hospitals and physician practices is not a recipe for better quality care.

Scaring patients is also no way to ensure that they get the health care they need. When they don’t get the health care they need, their conditions will worsen and eventually some will die than wouldn’t have.  This is well laid out in a column by an orthopedic surgeon.  (Becker’s Column)  As usual, I can’t express better thn he does what a serious problem we are creating.  My new mantra is “Stop Scaring People”.   

I am not going to stop pushing for a more sensible approach to handling the epidemic.  I hope you all will do the same.

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