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The Star Tribune Discovers that the Lockdown is Destroying Jobs

By April 17, 2020Commentary

Our local paper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, has done an outstanding job of reporting that never challenges the party line on the epidemic or the governmental actions in regard to the epidemic.  They constantly hype the scary numbers without examining potential issues with the models, even when the numbers have been lowered drastically and they have consistently portrayed our Governor as a calm leader making all the right decisions, while the Minnesota economy burns to the ground.  This morning’s headline was particularly amusing, as the paper appears to have discovered that the lockdowns may have some bad side effects.  The headline was “JOB LOSSES GROW ‘HORRIFIC'”.  Really, you are just now figuring that out?  And there is a picture of a woman who lost her well-paying job and is going to have to move because of course unemployment benefits don’t come close to making up her lost income.  She said “I never thought my life would be like this.  It’s like a bad dream.”  It is a nightmare for 500,000 Minnesotans who have lost their jobs.  And there is still more to come.

So here again is the question the Governor has refused to answer:  WHERE ARE THE MODELS YOU RAN TO EXAMINE THE ECONOMIC AND NON-ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF YOUR SHUTDOWN ORDER?   I think the answer is there aren’t any, I think the Governor issued his orders without any regard to the possible economic damage and job loss.  We really should all be outraged by that and we are all going to pay a very high price for that pathetic decision-making process and awful decision.

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  • Harlan Johnson says:

    Bless You Kevin Roche! I feel bad for our neighbor, WI, and their people. Gov. Evers actually thinks of himself as a savior! Delusions without grandeur!

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