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What is a Concert Review Doing on this Blog?

By May 5, 2016Commentary

This blog is usually serious, sometime light-hearted and often sarcastic or sardonic.  Today we are going far afield with a concert review.  I live in Minneapolis and the current Paul McCartney tour was in town last night.  It was a stupendous performance and I strongly encourage any of you who are within driving distance of a tour stop to go.  Sir Paul is 73 I believe, and his voice is showing the effects of age, but he and the band played for three hours, over 40 songs, ranging through very old Beatles songs to Wings to current albums.  Several things stood out.  The band is incredibly tight and extremely rock and roll-oriented; I expected a more pop-oriented sound.    On the older Beatles songs, Paul and group sounded indistinguishable from the originals.  Mr. McCartney very bravely played several songs solo, both on guitar and piano, including Yesterday, despite the older voice.  His instrumental playing is still tremendous.  As a quite older person myself, one of the thoughts during the concert was that Paul has been doing this for over 55 years; what changes he has seen in music technology and business.  Another thought, consistent with my recent reading of several Beatles bios, was that this was an amazing coincidence of talent in one place, John and Paul, adding George; and the number of songs and the quality of those songs is just hard to believe.  The audience was a wide range of ages and once again we saw how music can be such a force for unity–no one can resist the obligatory feel good sing-along on Hey Jude.  And at the end, the final number, the Golden Slumbers medley, displays all the Beatles talents, interesting theme, lovely melodies and harmonies, rocking rhythms and moving emotions.  Absolutely brilliant, one of the best concerts I have ever seen.

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