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Another Physician Attitude Survey

By April 22, 2016Commentary

Staffing firm CompHealth released results of a survey of around 1000 physicians in multiple specialties.   (CompHealth Survey)   Overall, the physicians indicated that they feel the federal reform law has increased paperwork, reduced time with patients and lowered their income.  51% view the law somewhat or very unfavorably as opposed to 30% who see it somewhat or very favorably. Views of the reform law vary by practice setting; only 20% of private practice doctors have favorable attitudes while 35% of hospital-based physicians do.  While about half of the respondents say the law increased patient access to medical services, most also say it increased costs for patients and had a negative impact on quality of care.  Most also said there was an overall negative impact on their medical practice and compensation.  Private practice doctors are again most likely to voice negative perceptions, with 55% expressing concerns about negative salary impacts.  At least two-thirds of doctors in any practice setting believe they are not adequately compensated for the work they do.  A significant minority of physicians, 44% say they spend less time with their patients as a result of the law and 35% say they are seeing more patients.  68% of doctors say they are spending too much time entering data into EHRs and 59% say they spend too much time doing paperwork, with private practice doctors again the hardest hit.  About a third of respondents said they were more inclined to leave the medical profession because of the ACA, and among doctors in private practice that rate is an even higher 45%.  41% of doctors also say they have sought a second source of income to address declining compensation, or pay off debt.  Another set of really positive reactions by physicians to the brilliant health law creation of the Administration and Congress.

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