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Health Care Benefit Trends Report

By February 23, 2015Commentary

The Healthcare Trends Institute, sponsored by benefits administrator Evolution1, surveyed about 250 employers, of which employ over 100 workers, on current benefit trends.    (E1 Survey)   Almost every respondent said they intended to keep providing health benefits, notwithstanding the reform law.  Over 90% of the companies currently over some form of health benefit, which is not surprising given that 60% say they are very important to improving worker satisfaction and 55% for attracting and keeping good employees.  High-deductible plans continue to be offered at more companies and to be the sole offering.  Surprisingly, firms report that only about half their workers are signing up for the available benefits.  Be interesting to know what those employees are doing in regard to the mandate.  Some may have coverage through a spouse, but not a large percent.  In response to health reform, 34% said they will increase cost-sharing and 32% are raising premium contributions.    Almost half of firms are concerned about the cadillac tax coming in 2018, with the most likely response to be moving to a high-deductible plan.  While most employers are familiar with private exchanges and with defined contribution approaches, few have adopted these as yet, with about 25% using defined contribution models.  Wellness and incentives abound; 30% of respondents said they are offering some wellness-related incentive; 80% offer at least one wellness program; and most companies think wellness programs promote better health outcomes.

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