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Employer Mandate to be Delayed

By July 3, 2013Commentary

The health care reform law is an ideological, big government bureaucrat’s fondest dream and a nightmare for everyone else.  One of the groups screaming the loudest about its impact has been the smaller employers with 51 or more workers who will have to provide health insurance or pay a penalty.  Now the Administration has decided that instead of coming into force at the start of 2014, the employer mandate will be delayed until 2015.   (Mandate Story)   Now lets see, is there anything happening in 2014 which have affected this decision?  Congressional elections maybe?  Elections in which the likely disastrous roll-out of  the reform law would have been a major issue?  Democrats have already been running for cover and issuing propaganda about the law’s future.  I am guessing there was a lot of pressure from those running for re-election to do something.  And it is highly likely that other parts may now be delayed as well, with the individual mandate the prime candidate, since this would give cover to not having the exchanges ready in time.  What this move really is, aside from blatant politics, is an admission that the law is not workable and is imposing severe penalties on the economy and jobs.  And no delays are going to hide that.

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