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Humedica Raises $30 Million

By October 6, 2009November 4th, 2009Commentary

Humedica, a Boston-based health information company, has raised $30 million in venture capital financing.  In the current economic environment, that is pretty impressive.  The company has strong and experienced management.  The primary products are hosted software solutions to collect information and allow clinical and operational benchmarking, as well as assist in managing high-cost patients.  The target market includes hospitals, physician practices and life sciences companies.  The ingredients for success, including ample funding, seem to be in place.  But the health information world is both highly competitive and a difficult selling proposition.  Hospitals and physicians are strapped and are bombarded by vendors claiming to be able to make them more efficient and profitable.  Being able to effectively differentiate itself and show customers that it can deliver meaningful results will be Humedica’s biggest challenge.

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