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Wireless Explosion

By August 5, 2009November 4th, 2009Commentary

Much of the health care focus over the last year has been on reform issues.  Meanwhile, the business world continues to create new products and services designed to address the core problems of cost, access and quality.  A great deal of this entrepreneurial energy is devoted to devices utilizing wireless technology.  A recent Wall Street Journal describes some of these efforts and the challenges facing them.  (WSJ Article)  A fundamental problem in our health system is gathering and communicating timely patient information.  Because an extensive wireless communication infrastructure is in place and the majority of Americans have cell phones, mobile devices can be a part of the solution.  Wireless technology can follow a patient or provider and create real-time information about events, status or treatment effects.  Mobile services can also often be less expensive than alternatives.   But the extent to which thereis a real cost-saving is not yet proven through rigorous studies.  And, as always, there are reimbursement concerns.  But it is heartening to be reminded of the vigor of the American private sector and its ability to find solutions to even our most difficult issues.

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