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The IB Is Concerned About Your Mental Health, While He Attempts to Drive You Crazy

By November 23, 2020Commentary

The Governor held a press conference last Friday that I can only describe as highly, highly ironic.  The topic was mental health.  He trotted out a number of mental health professionals to ensure we knew there were resources available.  I am flabbergasted to say the least.  I believe chutzpah will henceforth be known as Walzing.  This is equivalent to shooting someone and then saying, don’t worry, I have a bandaid for you.  He loves to blame “the virus” for what he does, but all these issues are on you Governor–you took these actions that had these very predictable consequences.  We learned in the press conference that the inability of people to get in-person mental health care may impact outcomes and access, especially for children.  Really, and why is it so hard to get in-person care, do the Governor’s orders have anything to do with that?  A reporter asked about gyms and we got the usual hash of gibberish about asymptomatic spread and extrapolating, while not mentioning that the actual contact tracing shows very little spread at gyms.  And giving people that outlet for stress and helping them maintain a strong immune system is important.  An interesting exchange on the number of undetected infections, which was deflected.  And of course no press conference would be complete without some outright lies.  In regard to reinfection risk, it is absolutely clear now that people develop very strong immune responses and there is no suggestion that there is any likelihood that a person becomes reinfected and contagious.  And of course we heard again that we are all in this together, but we aren’t.   The general population and certain segments of the population are being asked to endure enormous harm to their lives.

Things must be really bad.  The state never gives us data on suicide attempts or suicides, mental health visits, drug and alcohol overdoses and deaths, domestic and child abuse or any of the other myriad health problems caused and exacerbated by the IB’s actions.  Holding a press conference on mental health is an indication of the reality they won’t share and they know the new orders will only make it worse.  Holidays are a time when many people struggle with mental health issues in any event, and the constant terrorization by the Governor and his staff and the orders cutting off normal pursuits which might relief some of the stress caused by that terror campaign make those issues far worse.

The Governor has attempted to hide this from Minnesotans, but his latest executive order actually purports to ban any social gatherings, including those in your home.  No more than one household can get together under this order, disobeyment of which carries a stiff fine.  There is also a snitch line which people can call to rat out their non-compliant neighbors.  We now live in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia or Communist China.  This means no Thanksgiving with family or friends, no visits with children or grandchildren, no nothing.  And he is concerned about our mental health?

I am going to strongly encourage all of you to give this order the finger it deserves.  You might also want to call the snitch line and suggest that perhaps the security police, SS, the Red Guards, or whatever they refer to themselves as, should check up on Keith Ellison and the Governor himself to be sure they aren’t engaging in Pelosi/Newsome/Pritzker-style hypocrisy.

And I strongly encourage you to do whatever Thanksgiving gathering you believe appropriate to help you find relief and solace in this incredibly difficult year.  And that especially applies to the many, many of you who I know are struggling with the anxiety, depression and fear engendered by not only the epidemic, but more so by the government’s excessive reaction to it.  Human companionship and contact is what keeps us all sane and gives meaning to all our lives.  If you are stressed, don’t forego the salvation of that contact because some goofball, power-crazed tinpot dictator thinks he or she has the right to tell people what they can do in their own homes.

You need to look after your own mental health; the IB certainly isn’t going to do it for you or make it easy.

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  • Steve says:

    Good morning,
    My wife and I took one of our many day trips to Ocean City Maryland. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day with a 64 degree temperature. Last week Governor Hogan, the prince of darkness, graced us once again with a press conference telling us how much our life needs to change due to an increase in cases and positivity. Much as I expected the beach was filled with sheeple. Before his announcement we would go to the beach and few wore these ridiculous masks. But on Saturday nearly everyone was all buttoned up with their disease carrying icons. You see we now personalize these stupid little things.

    On the boardwalk were signs indicating that if you cannot socially distance a mask should be worn; of course my wife and I did not wear one. I have often contended they don’t work because my eyes tell me they won’t. I too have a healthcare background and my wife is an NICU nurse. We know that the minute you touch the mask it is contaminated, wearing it more than once guarantees it is contaminated and for those of us who wear glasses we know that this little piece of whatever that separates us from health and death doesn’t work after we exhale the first time. Our glasses are fogged. Masks aren’t sealed, they are used multiple times….they do not work and yet elected officials and “health experts” continue to double down on stupid.

    I fear we are at a breaking point and it won’t be pretty!

  • Nancy says:

    Kevin Roche for governor

  • Mike Timmer says:

    TOUCHE! I can’t wait for Jan. 15th when I depart this hell hole for winter in Gulfport, Ms.

  • Caroline says:

    It is extremely irritating that a person can’t see a mental health professional in person. My husband is 64 and has never had a mental health issue until a few months ago. He is a very laid back Type B person, but he has been depressed and contemplating suicide. The only mental health assistance he can get is via phone consultation. The first two 45 minute consultations consisted only of the counselor asking a series of questions. The third consultation was a few more questions, then some suggestions to help make him feel better, which he is already doing! (Exercising, eating right and spending time outdoors). After all that NON help, we get a bill for $975, which made things worse because my hours were cut and we are squeaking by. Walz has blood on his hands for several things, from denying medical treatment to those who needed elective surgeries and cancer treatment, to killing people’s livelihoods and killing businesses, to causing a myriad of things from mental health issues to alcoholism to depression and suicide.

  • Ellen says:

    Regarding mental health, most psychiatrists are really messed up, but I find in Dr. Peter Breggin a hero.

  • South Carolina Fan says:

    Life in a blue state…

  • Peggy A Lewis says:

    More of the Tim Walz Show. His antics during the riots were truly pathetic, but this is motivated by self preservation and deception and it stinks to high heaven.

    Do check out everything Dr. Micheal Yeadon is saying all over YouTube. The English, the Germans and the Irish are all having an eerily similar situation.

    Thanks for all you do!!

  • David Krieg says:

    “This is equivalent to shooting someone and then saying, don’t worry, I have a bandaid for you.”
    That describes it perfectly. I service the restaurant industry The claim, “We’re all in this together” is laughable; the average pay-out from unemployment is $200.00/week.

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